3 Novembre 2014

Downloadable Published Articles

Here is a table summarizing Polder project articles which is available on line. Click the righthand mouse button on the link to the file corresponding to the desired PDF file or compressed PDF in the zip (.zip). Use unzip/pkunzip, Winzip,... to decompress.

Article Title / Document contentEncodingFile
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Polder Level 1 Processing Algorithms
Hagolle et Al., 1996
SPIE Proceedings, algorithms for Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imagery II. Orlando, 9-11 april 1996. pp 308 - 319
zip PDF formatalgo-1_PDF.zip218243
PDF formatalgo-1.pdf226010
Cloud detection and derivation of cloud properties from POLDER (Processing Algorithms)
Buriez et Al., 1997
International Journal of Remote Sensing, 18, 2785-2813
zip PDF formatcloudp_PDF.zip379348
PDF formatcloudp.pdf421243
Retrieval of atmospheric properties and surface bidirectional reflectances over the land from POLDER (Processing Algorithms)
Leroy et Al., 1997
Journal of Geophycal Research., vol 102, #D14, pp17023-17037, July 27th 1997
zip PDF formatroapsb_PDF.zip126116
PDF formatroapsb.pdf149503
Results of POLDER in-flight Calibration
Hagolle et Al., 1999
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, May 1999, Volume 37, Number 03 [p. 1550]
zip PDF formathagolle_et_al_99_PDF.zip295000
PDF formathagolle_et_al_99.pdf321000
Cloud droplet effective radius from spaceborne polarization measurements
Bréon et Al., 1998
Geophys. Res Letters, 25 (11) 1879-1882 (1998)
zip PDF formatdroplet_PDF.zip250553
PDF formatdroplet.pdf261584