3 Novembre 2014


- V 5.01: initial version. - V 5.03: minor change in order to correct a small error on a parameter used for stray light correction.
- V 6.03: this software version integrates two improvements:
. Stray light correction has been improved to take into account the variations of the Point Spread Function of stray ight inside the field of view. Radiometrical performances are enhanced in the neighborhood of bright sources.
. DQPX pixel quality indicator is now fully operationnal
- V 6.06: final version adding a small correction which has no consequence on the performances.
- V 10.00: This software version has been improved to correct a non-linearity defect on the instrumental sensitivity and radiometric calibration is updated.


- V 1.00: parameters measured during calibration phase.
- V 1.02: same parameters as for V 1.00, adapted to exposure times used from 97/06/11 to ADEOS end of service on 97/06/29; exposure times were modified to slightly enhance POLDER signal to noise ratio.
- V 2.xx: These parameters are strictly identical to V1.xx, at the exception of 910 absolute calibration coefficient which has been multiplied by (1.5/1.27) for compatibility with level 2 water vapor algorithms.
- V 3.xx: New calibration coefficients estimated after the correction of a non-linearity defect of the instrumental sensitivity and some improvements on the radiometric calibration method.


- V 0.01: preflight parameters.
- V 0.06: parameters measured during calibration phase; small attitude bias correction improving registration performances.
- V 1.xx: Version 0.6 geometrical calibration was obtained with in-flight calibration methods, using data from the first months of POLDER life. After processing of all POLDER data, a slight drift of POLDER geometrical calibration with time has been detected. To correct this drift, a different version of geometrical parameters is used for every month of POLDER data acquisitions.