October 31, 2014

POLDER 2 Calibration

POLDER 1 Calibration

Pre-flight calibrationV0V0
In-flight calibrationV2V1
Updated In-flight calibrationV3V1
  • In-flight Calibration (June 1997)

POLDER Calibration phase started in November 1996 and ended in May 1997 with the POLDER Calibration review. During this period, intensive efforts were made to characterize POLDER radiometrical and geometrical performances, and to perform the in-flight calibration based on a large set of vicarious methods. In addition to this novative approach, the bidimensional and polarized characteristics of POLDER adds much more complexity to the calibration task.

This short text gives main results. Detailed results can be found in Hagolle et al., 1997 and 1999.

  • New Radiometric Calibration (September 2001)

After detection and correction of a small non-linearity defect in the POLDER instrument (Fougnie et al., 2001) the radiometric calibration has been reappraised and a new level 1 processing chain has been applied to all POLDER 1 measurements (1996, October 30th to 1997, June 29th). In addition, this new calibration considers light improvements and updatings of different calibration methods.

New results are given here.


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